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I am trying to host my web site using Github Pages. I am currently using Web Components and Lit-HTML No Lit Element. No server side code. Just using NPM and Node Modules. I. We recommend using Jekyll with GitHub Pages. If you prefer, you can use other static site generators or customize your own build process locally or on another server. For more information, see "About GitHub Pages." Configuring Jekyll in your GitHub Pages site.

I suggest the default is to not commit the node_modules folder, and instead add it to your.gitignore file. You might have special needs that reverse this decision. I discuss the topic so you can make your own opinion. Here are some arguments in favor of not committing node_modules. You. 我在Github页面上托管一个网站,并使用Jekyll生成它.我使用npm将Angular和Lodash添加到我的项目中,但是不想将200个奇怪的文件上传到GitHub,所以我将node_modules添加到我的.gitignore文件中,并确保将它们作为依赖项添加到package.json中.然后问题就是GitHub pages / Jekyll在它Je. It's also good to note that it can take up to ten minutes for a GitHub Pages build to complete and for your changes to appear after pushing a new commit to your repository. So sometimes, it takes a few before you'll see your site as you expect it. 今天写一个demo,用npm安装的前端库,然后想在github的pages上展示出来. 发布到github后,发现node_modules文件夹下的js无法调用. google解决方案:jekyll的空文件就可以了 参考. This files you can deploy on any web server or put it on GitHub Pages. Deploy on GitHub Pages Before deploying on GitHub Pages you should create a repository for your project and push your code there. You can read how to do this here. After you have your repository on GitHub, run next command from the command line tool: $ yarn deploy.

Solved this by deleting the node_modules/.cache folder. Then proceeded into re-running deployment and got another issue. fatal: destination path 'node_modules\gh-pages\.cache\!derahn!My-portfolio.git' already exists and is not an empty directory. Deploying an Angular2 app to Github Pages - a poor man's guide. Sep 3, 2016. The main downside of this approach is that switching to and from gh-pages is slow, and switching from gh-pages leaves node_modules in a half-baked state that I end up fixing by nuking it and running npm install.

我的个人博客是用的 HexoGithub pages 搭建的,由于前面半年忙于一个项目,更主要的原因是懒,没有更新,最近每次提交的. 03/07/2017 · どうやら、Githubページはデフォルトでnode_modulesフォルダを無視するJekyllのバージョンを使用するようになったとのこと。 Create an empty.nojekyll text file in the root of the gh-pages.

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